@sfxkyx messing with Max -___-’ poor Maxie lol!

Loving life right now, moving on, have a baby boy on the way, training hard as ever and being around the people I love… Oh and actually maintaining my fight weight ( actually under at 124lbs) loving what I do! :0)
On Sunday’s menu, sweet and sour chicken made by me :0) so good!!! Still waiting on dessert that someone else is suppose to make lol!
Moments like these being captured should be treasured, and we treasure them greatly! :0)
Coffee addict I must say… Oh and chocolate croissant is awesome at this place, prolly not a good idea before training tho lol!
Reminiscing my last fight, so honored to fight and defend that title for the people I love and care about :0) greatest feeling ever!!! @rossisgym @edge_hoboken @triangleathletics
Getting sugar high this Saturday night at Max Brenner :0)
Nuff’ said…

Miss Francy @franmoralessoto first came to at @rossisgym and didn’t believe in lifting weights cuz she was afraid of getting “bigger” so I explained to her that females lifting weights won’t get a “bodybuilder” look because females don’t have a bough testosterones to get that big unless supplements are taken, and they are not genetically “wired” to get big naturally. I explained to her that she will look fit and that she wants to look that way. She started with 20lbs dumbbells as her sumo squats, and now she’s up to 170lbs in the trap bar. We’ve also increased her cardio intensity by using sprints, ropes, light weights, etc. in a circuit. So now she wants to look FIT NOT SKINNY :0)

And the winner is @jafferpoppapump with a 2nd rnd TKO!!! Woohoo!!! @rossisgym